June 13, 2023

Beautiful Boys

Sameen Shakya And I love how men love because there is a detail In their memory often forgotten by everyone else But them and during

Three Writers Honored with ‘Madhupark Samman’

13 June, Kathmandu SahityaPost Reporter Madhupark monthly, a literary publication of the Gorkhapatra Sansthan awarded poet Krishna Bhakta Shrestha, fiction writer Pushkar Lohani and poet

One Evening When the Lights Were Out

Ratna Lamichhane “Don’t you ever feel lonely living all by yourself in this apartment?” my friends ask me constantly. I reply, “Of course I do,

An Embellished Attachment

Bipin Tiwari Just feel my nerves and see how they play. Likewise, I feel and play with my child saying, “Kuk kuuuu ha…aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” He smiles

My Lord

Sushant Thapa I am blank Like the cloudless sky In the universe of knowledge. Yet, the colour of devotion Makes me open my eyes. I