June 3, 2023

Righteous Path

The vigilant man never dies, Those who walk the path of discipline and awareness, Become enlightened and awake. Warriors engaged in the dance of righteousness,

The chocolate

On the last day before a long vacation, the atmosphere at the school was filled with excitement as everyone was saying goodbye to each other.

Amulet: An Adventurous Journey

Youngsters are always attracted to fantasies and magic. Even some grown-ups love them. Like Harry Potter, which is one of the all-time bestselling series. Similarly,

Let’s not wait to be an Adult to Save the Earth

Now-a-days people have been disrespectful and careless towards Mother, Nature, which led to drastic measures such as global warming, deforestation, polluted water, air pollution, etc.

The Untold Stories Of Ba-ama

Then, the words my father said way back echo in my mind, “Whenever you get your hands on the photo of the person you adore

On Being A Feather

How does one define poetry? One may define poetry by rhymes, meters, the number of lines, and its dissimilarity to prose. One may define poetry

The Call of Mother Earth

Suman Bhattarai Restless and uncertain, I stand here today, As news of a fever of 1.5 degrees reaches me, The ice packs that used to