May 31, 2023


Bimarsha Dahal The garden was in gleeIn mirth were the bumblebeesNone knows what came about in suddenness—The gardener stopped showing up;The flowers became captives. Leaving

‘Burhan’: A Mirror of Tharu Reality

Amrik Prasad Chaudhary Mahananda Dhakal’s debut novel Burhan brings to light many unexplored but grim realities of the Tharu tribes of western Nepal. It tells

Death in the Gas Chamber

Madan Mani Dixit “HITLER’S GAS CHAMBER! Look at that big house just behind Ward Number 25. And look at that electric furnace built by the

In the Face of the Moon

Yaseli’s grandmother was running sick for the past few days and this worried him a lot. For Yaseli, his Boju—grandmother—was his whole world. Nothing in

The Golden-Haired Princess

Long ago, there lived a king. He had three sons and a daughter. Every single strand of the daughter’s hair was golden, so she was

The Tale of Shishir and Basanta

Collected by Karunakar Baidhya. (Translated from Nepali by Aiman Tamang.) Once there lived an eminent king in a distant country. He had an awesomely gorgeous

The House of Mine

Babin ShresthaThe house of mine, all filled with wineSurrounded by vines, with no straight line Days so gray, inside so gloomyNights so dark, not much