May 28, 2023

Sundar Thapa

As soon as I walked across the railway track and entered that house, I resolved to myself that I should prepare a documentary on the

In Search of a New Era

Ganesh Ghimire Long back,when truth was still livingwater happened to cross the limits of its conductby raising fishin the pond where stands Kathmandu today At

Three Poems

Anil Khatiwada She is the story of a trailRendered lonelyBy a Japan-built roadAfter it lumbers uphill from the plainsAnd touches the village up in the

The Beast (extract)

Laxmi Prasad Devkota Man might be trampled and crushed,who cares?Eyes are red with rippling mightMind’s filled with billion atomsof fuming rageExplosive are the sounds, fatalin

A Different Story

Mahesh Karki Kshitiz One midnight in springWhen the clouds roaredAnd the downpour had just begunThe old womanWho had come out of her homeWalked into her

The Legend of Mangala Raut

A drama based on a folk tale. Dramatization: Mahesh Paudyal [Princes Mangala and Janjala are step-brothers. Mangala is the only son of the first queen,

A Walk into the Khumbu Region

Prateek Dhakal I was overjoyed since quite early in the morning because this was the day I would set out for an on-foot journey into

Birthday Next-Door

Rama Adhikari “Auntie, what’s that you are doing?” “Auntie, you work so hard, don’t you?” “Auntie, may I help you?” “Auntie, today I saw another

The Restless Mind

Shambhu Karki Pay me ears o gentle folkWho suffer and cry, even and mornIn hunger and thirst for food and drinkIn want of comfort, wither