2nd Foundation Day: Special Editorial

We acknowledge it or not, but the locus of ‘soft knowledge’ has moved out of the West, and is being searched for in underexplored regions in the non-West, including the Orient. Squeezed across generations, right from the days of Homer, the West has given its best to the literary and philosophical world. Squeezing it further is like squeezing the comb of wasps. The interests of the novelty-haunters have thus shifted,




Story of the Mafia Masterminds

Aashwasan Dahal It is a story of a 100 years ago, 1924 to be precise, when the UK was not civilized as it is today.

Foolish Aliens

Kamal Kanta Dhungel “Where am I?” I screamed aloud when I found myself inside a spaceship. A mighty creature threatened me and added that I

A Nightmare

Parshu Shrestha When Pratibha realized her handbag was missing, it was already too late. The bus was too crowded for searching. “Oh my God!” Pratibha

Menuka’s Triumph

Amar Bahadur Sherma Menuka stood alone on the balcony of her hillside apartment, her gaze locked onto the vast expanse of the rosy horizon that


We Are Ambassadors of Books: Bidur Dangol

Mr. Bidur Dangol, the proprietor of Vajra Books and Publication in Thamel, has over 30 years of experience in the publishing business. Recently, his publication